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Glulam Laminated Timber / Glulam Beams

Dunscar Timber - Glulam Laminated Timber / Glulam Beams

'Glulam' is the commonly used abbreviation for 'Glued Laminated Timber'. Glulam’s tensile characteristics make it suitable for long span, load-bearing widths, such as bridges. It is an exceptionally strong material, used for load-bearing structures where visual appearance is important, which can be shaped, helping to form spacious buildings.

We have be manufacturing glulam for over 25 years and are recognisied as one of the specialists in this field. Glulam is the natural, environmentally friendly, versatile and renewable building material. We are able to combine unrivalled levels of technical ability and sector understanding to provide a full structural design and supply service for both Glulam structures and complete integrated solutions throughout the UK.

Technical Information;

  • Timber Species: European Spruce (Picea Abies)
  • Glue: Melamine waterproof adhesive to EN301 Type 1
  • Dimensions: Max: 36.00 m long. 2.00m deep & 240mm wide
  • Laminations: Up to 45mm
  • Moisture Content: 12% Moisture at time of manufacture. +/- a further 2% at time of delivery
  • Manufacture: In accordance with EN386 / 14080
  • Finishes: Stock Beams – Clean Planed Finish - Untreated
  • Projects / Commissions: Clean planed finish – Untreated. A base coat preservative can be applied to provide temporary protection during transportation and erection, prior to final decoration
  • All steel fittings are galvanised to BS EN ISO1461
  • Additional finishes are subject to agreement

Our Glulam Sanding Process in Action

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