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Frequently Asked Questions

Dunscar Timber - Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use trusses?

When you build with roof trusses, the only limit is your imagination. Roof trusses are designed to your exact specifications, fabricated in a controlled environment, and then delivered to you, saving you time and money. No matter how complicated your roof or ceiling plan, we can design a truss to support it. Framing with wood trusses is the reliable, efficient way to build economical, dependable homes. Our custom-built roof trusses will transform the way you build.

Are roof trusses more reliable than conventional framing methods?

Roof trusses bring a quality to framing that 'stick-built' homes just can’t offer. Designed and built to span greater distances than conventional material and doing it with smaller-dimensional lumber. Roof trusses create a complete roof system that has a better structural tie to the walls and foundation.

Will I save money by using wood trusses rather than conventional framing?

Yes. Unlike conventional framing, manufactured roof trusses do not contribute to job site waste and so reduce your clean-up costs. Using trusses also requires less carpentry, which eliminates the need to hire specialised labor. They arrive at the job site ready to install and thus dramatically reduce construction time.

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We are always delighted to answer any questions about our products and services. So why not call 01204 301671 or email us to find out more about Dunscar Timber...? We look forward to hearing from you!

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Dunscar Timber Launches New Website!

August 2015: Dunscar Timber are very proud to announce the launch of a brand-new website at Built to display seamlessly on both desktop computers and mobile devices, the website will be a major element of our business strategy throughout this year and beyond...

Dunscar Timber Launches Facebook Page!

July 2015: Dunscar Timber launches its Facebook Business Page. We will use Facebook to encourage our customers and other interested parties to engage in regular conversations with us. And yes, we really do want you to join in ..!

Dunscar Timber Launches on Twitter!

July 2015: Dunscar Timber now 'tweets' regularly from our new Twitter page. Twitter lets you 'follow' us so you can see all our latest news directly and instantly to your mobile 'phone...

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